Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Teaching econ is a full contact sport: Meet Owen Professor Luke Froeb

Luke Froeb is the man! Despite being a goofy academic, with a tragically unkempt sense of style, Luke Froeb was a highlight of the werewolf's business school experience. This little promotional featurette from Owen barely skims the surface of Froeb's addictively caustic, yet effective teaching style.

Froeb's blunt personal style, in your face attitude, and take-no-prisoners approach not only made his Managerial Economics class provocative and challenging, but also helped drive the key take-aways home in a stark and memorable fashion. Like the Yin and the Yang, his abrasiveness is balanced by his talent for being appropriately self-deprecating. He's a real gem of an instructor and memories of his classroom will stick with the werewolf for the foreseeable future.

The werewolf has always enjoyed the themes of economics, and the casual informal pursuit of it, but was always disappointed by how poorly the subject had been taught while he was an undergraduate. If the field had more professors like Luke Froeb, he thinks students would be more drawn to it.

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