Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saluting AC/DC - Shoot to Thrill (Live At Donnington)

It was a year ago today that the werewolf was luckily enough to catch an AC/DC's Black Ice Tour as it rolled through Nashville. What a show! (This clip of "Shoot to Thrill" is nearly 20 years old, but has great sound quality)

Several things caught the werewolf's attention during the concert. Firstly, despite being in the business for nearly forty years, the band still has a commanding presence that radiates primal rockin' energy that left a 27 year-old werewolf utterly drained by nights end. No easy task. Secondly, the diversity of the audience. AC/DC is one of the few hard/classic rock acts that commands multi-generational audiences. In the section the werewolf was in, three generations of a family could easily be spotted, with a gray-haired grandfather telling his young granddaughter about the first time he caught AC/DC back in 1970's. Plus, the werewolf and his two graduate school buddies were seated between a group of wild teenagers and middle aged managers escaping their suburban prisons for a night. The old dudes were arguably as frenetic and wild as the high school kids. Finally, what really blew the werewolf's mind was realizing just how prolific AC/DC has been over the years. Their set-list had about 23 songs, 17 of which the werewolf knew all the words to and recognized immediately. This was not on account of listening to AC/DC everyday, but rather because their music is regularly featured in so many tangential aspects of life from multiple sporting events, TV advertisements, to being prominently featured in movie and television soundtracks.

For anyone who loves shameless rock and roll at its rawest and finest, the werewolf highly recommends catching an AC/DC how before these Australian codgers are claimed by the sands of time.

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