Thursday, January 7, 2010

Helluva Performance: Genesis - Invisible Touch (Invisible Touch Tour)

The beauty of music is that while our tastes are always evolving and growing, certain elements and preferences endure. The werewolf has loved Genesis since he was about ten years old. "Land of Confusion" was the song that pulled him into the orbit of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins collaborative rock genius many moons ago. In fact, the werewolf's bucket list includes trying to catch Genesis live before they all die-off. The werewolf pities those who've lived through multiple exposures to his karaoke rendition of "I Can't Dance" at Lonnie's in Nashville. At least the werewolf loves his inner buffoon.

While being in exile has elements of hell embedded in it, the werewolf does have the luxury of embracing some nostalgia from his youth every now and then. This includes finding clips of concerts he'd wish he'd attended as a little boy. This performance of "Invisible Touch" reinforces how awesome Genesis is in his mind. That being said, the mullet sported by Phil Collins is somewhat unreal, especially when juxtaposed with his current Lex Luthor look.

Here's to the enduring love of Rock n' Roll!

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