Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bacon Bourbon Bon Vivant.

The werewolf has many aspirations post exile. Foremost among these include embracing a bon vivant lifestyle. The Atlantic's online food channel recently featured an excellent piece on an amazing libation, "The Bacon Old-Fashioned." Incidentally, the werewolf was first introduced to this cocktail last spring, at Nashville's very own Patterson House.

The werewolf loves both bacon and bourbon. If left to his own devices, they'd likely be cornerstones of his diet. It seemed counter-intuitive to blend a greasy meat with a refined sipping alcohol when he first ventured into the Patterson House, shortly after it opened. The werewolf always appreciates bacon on his burgers, wrapped around his home-grilled steaks, and with breakfast. Bourbon was strictly an after hours pursuit. Anyhow, beyond what the article accurately suggests on the taste of bacon bourbon style drinks, it is remarkable how these cocktails precisely capture the smell of grilled meat, and replicate the unique smell on the taste buds of the tongue in the most delicious of ways. It was a cocktail first for the werewolf, and has left an indelible impression on him. Beyond being able to piss off a vegan and teetotaler in one strategic sip, he imagines that the bacon old-fashioned would be one of the libations preferred by the famous alpha males of yore, from Winston Churchill to John Wayne. Plus, it reinforces the notion that bacon is truly a universal product that will play a vital role in solving humanity's woes.

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