Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She's Waiting: Eric Clapton (live)

The werewolf is grateful to have had a healthy respect for rock 'n' roll instilled in him from an early age. Eric Clapton, (a.k.a Slow-hand) and his ever changing band membership, was one of the staples of his childhood music education. "She's Waiting" is a remarkable song, not because it's boring lyrics are essentially 90% chorus lines, but rather it contains unbelievable face-peeling guitar riffs in the second half. Watching Clapton work the strings is like watching a Chess Grandmaster work twelve chess boards to victory simultaneously. It's awesome. (Plus,the song has been stuck in the werewolf's head for two days now and he hopes this post will allow something else to takeover)

The werewolf has a question for any music savvy readers out there, is the drummer in the white shirt Phil Collins? Answer: Duh! Yes.

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