Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Dawn of the New Stupid: 'Cop Out' Trailer - Bruce Willis - Tracy Morgan

The werewolf loses faith in humanity on a weekly basis. The latest occurrence stemmed from this trailer. The fact that the first thirty-five seconds of the trailer for Cop Out are spent praising classic cop flicks like Dirty Harry, Training Day, and The Departed (which have nothing to do with Cop Out) as shared studio releases is indicative of how awful this film is going to be. They are resting on the laurels that your positive recall of these solid flicks will drown out the mind numbing impact of the vacant pulp you're about to be subjected to. Weak ploy. Beyond the fact that they can find no living person to say anything nice about this product nice speaks volumes, and it shows the studio's desperation. Yikes.

However, as the completely vacant trailer progressed, the werewolf wondered if he was watching the actual implosion of Bruce Willis's career -how tragic- and was snapped out of the internal eulogizing by the chorus of laughter erupting from the audience at anything Traci Morgan did on screen. Beyond small doses of 30 Rock, Traci Morgan is the new millennium's reincarnation of Pauly Shore. The werewolf began to wonder, has he lost all sense of what's funny, or are we entering the dawn of the new stupid? It's a no brainer. Not even an aggressive dose of nitrous oxide could get the werewolf to laugh during this spasm of film making. Judge for yourself. But take it from the werewolf, it ain't pretty.

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