Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ass clown of the week and lives of desperation.

The Times of London has an amusing, and slightly sad, article about Roger Day, this week's biggest ass clown.

In order to impress a woman more than two decades his junior, Mr. Day began moonlighting as a fabulist. In essence, he was a British working class version of The New Republic's, legendary liar and fraudster, Stephen Glass, albeit on a much smaller scale. According to the article, Mr. Day, who never served in the active British military, frequently claimed he was a war hero worthy of Homeric legend. The picture featured in the article shows Mr. Day wearing a bracket of medals that would make the likes of General George Patton blush. What's really amusing is that his collection of false medals span conflicts from the Second World War to the First Gulf War, pre and post dating this guy's viable soldiering years. You'd think a man intent on putting up a believable charade would have done a little due diligence. Aren't the best liars the ones who stick closest to the truth? Whether it was a life of quiet desperation, missed opportunity, or the continual need to impress his younger wife(she was freakin' married to him, the game is up buddy, you won) the werewolf was pleased that Day's folly and charade were exposed. Society should reserve its gratitude and respect for those who both earned and deserve it.

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