Saturday, January 2, 2010

Confession of a not-so Dangerous Mind: Content vomit.

It's funny. Since starting this blog(way back during the tail-end of2009), I have found something different about how I write. Let me predicate that by saying that I have never been much of a formal writer. In fact, writing never came very easy to me at all. Yes, I was a double major in Political Science and History, and have pooped out papers of varying lengths on a spectrum of topics since the early days of college. Plus my various jobs have required a reasonable amount of writing over several platforms. I have always thought in the back of my head that people were either born excellent writers(hat tip to my college roommate), or could be trained/educated into being decent writers. I frequently labored to find words. Writing in the days of yore was very much a task I had to focus on completing properly. That's changed a little and is strictly limited to the scope of this blog.

I know my attention to technical writing excellence leaves much to be desired. I frequently forget little rules about semicolons, quotation marks, and other grammatical details that were once drilled into my head with ruthless precision. However, for the first time in my life, outside of rapid-fire email responses, I find my writing is subject to content vomit. I see something that triggers a a recall of some sort and my fingers struggle to keep up with the pace of content that my brain is squirting out. It's called "vomit" because it's content is of questionable/unknown origin that free flows out of me like a dozen Taco Bell "tacos supreme" the morning after a night of binge drinking. An ugly release, if there ever was one. However, like someone who has suffered from chronic constipation their whole life, there is a perverse relief and cathartic joy from their first bout with diarrhea (At least I'd think that to be the case). It may be fleeting and twisted, but it's the change in tone and opportunity to experience something new that is enjoyable. Here's to loosening up.

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