Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lonnie's: The best place on earth.

Catholics have the Vatican, Muslims have Mecca, kids have Disneyland, gays have San Francisco, and the werewolf has Lonnie's Western Room in Nashville, Tennessee. When the werewolf passes from this earth, his one request may be that the memorial service be held at Lonnie's.

This clip captures a remarkable specimen of humanity that is frequently on display at Lonnie's. The dude's name is Omar and the stomach slap is epic.

For better or worse, the werewolf spent a lot time engaging in tomfoolery and his second favorite pastime of blitzed karaoke on that stage. Exile has caused the werewolf to look back on the fonder moments of his odd life, and Lonnie's is regularly on the recall register. There will be a forthcoming post about karaoke, werewolf style, along with more thoughts on the legendary nature of Lonnie's. In the meantime, the werewolf assures his readers that the 40-second clip above is well worth their time.

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