Monday, January 18, 2010

Jack is back: 24's 8th season launched

It was during college that werewolf was sucked into 24. Season 3 was his point of entry back in the day. Although each season requires further suspension of an already exhausted disbelief, the werewolf obediently complies and gets ready for the whatever new ridiculous thrill ride the writers at Fox have in store for him. The show centers around the trials and tribulations of counter-terrorist bad-ass and modern day Captain America, Jack Bauer. Given the status of that name in pop-culture, it needs no introduction.

So much has happened over the last seven seasons, including African frogmen seizing the White House, Southern California getting nuked twice, Jack shooting his boss, Jack coming back from the dead multiple times, renegade Air Force officers shooting down Air Force One, Jack shooting his good friend, Jack being a heroine addict, Jack killing his brother and father...all too much to process properly looking back on it. Did I mention that African frogmen seized the White House at one point? Yes, the show is beyond ridiculous, and this season doesn't seem any less so...

The first two hours of season 8 have had Jack come out of retirement and embed an axe in a bad guy's chest; introduced us to an evil one man Russian army, who works as NYC cop by day; a reform oriented Iranian president, too good to be true, and his duplicitous brother; the return of Hillary Clinton as President of the USA; the requisite self-promoting and immoral counter-terror chief who will doubt and thwart Jack, despite the fact that Jack is never wrong; plus the the large chested blond chick who wears a cocktail dress to work as government functionary at the counter intelligence office. Yes, it sounds like several other seasons of 24. Older, wiser, and harder to impress, the werewolf is buckling up for another season of 24. That's the best he can do in exile.

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