Thursday, January 7, 2010

Rotten Apple sues Nashville Landmark. Her songs still suck.

According to The Tennessean, Fiona Apple, a musician most people have long forgotten ever existed, is suing Lonnie's Western Room, in what is likely a vain attempt to either reignite her long dead career, or get some money for last month's rent. Fuck you, Fiona!

The article seems to imply that Lonnie's will emerge from this just fine. Let's hope so. As suggested in other posts, Lonnie's was an integral part of the werewolf's business school experience in Nashville. A Friday night bouncing around Nashville's amazing honky tonks wasn't complete until you stumbled into Lonnie's for both a night cap and to belt out some songs. It's where the werewolf's ill-fated karaoke career both began and ended. Lonnie's is a truly a gem in multiple ways, and frankly, one of the werewolf's eternal favorite destinations. Lonnie himself is both a decent guy, and rather impressive entrepreneur. The werewolf crossed paths with him on several occasions while frequenting his establishment and was impressed to learn that Lonnie allegedly won his legendary karaoke bar in a poker game once upon a time.

It's funny, just today, the werewolf received a New Year's well wishes card from a dear business school friend, featuring a rather hilarious photo of that dear friend on the stage at Lonnie's. Anyhow, the werewolf wishes Lonnie all the best, and hopes that the rotten Apple contracts an awful STD and fades into oblivion. Where she belongs.

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