Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Disaster Cubed: Haiti's Plight.

The magnitude of yesterday's devastating earthquake in Haiti is becoming clear. The cataclysmic scale is heart retching and disturbing. Drudgereport estimates nearly 500,000 dead. Here's the latest from the Associated Press. Every resource that can be spared from the United States, should be directed to helping the Haitian's regroup. Herbert Gold wrote a great book, Haiti: The Best Nightmare on Earth, that paints a profound portrait of Haiti's permanent societal and civil dysfunction. After yesterday's calamity, Haiti may have just become the most squalid, miserable, portion of the earth that hosts human habitation. Here's a great link on how to help via The Anchoress. If you're a person of faith, some prayers couldn't hurt either. Anyhow, godspeed to the Haitian's in recovering from this catastrophe.

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