Friday, January 1, 2010

Rant of the day: Vampires aren't romantic! - John Carpenter's "Vampires."

The werewolf loves a decent vampire flick as much as the next dude. This little clip from John Carpenter's 1998 movie, Vampires, seems like it was written with an insight into the dark days ahead for the vampire film genre.

One of the ugliest trends of 2009 was watching throngs of middle-aged women along with their teenage whelps throw themselves into some hormonal frenzy over the Twilight series. After seeing one Twilight trailer in the theater, I know I'd rather get turked by a syphilitic bear then spend money to watch the uncontrolled and misdirected hormones of emotionally stunted women screech at shirtless Hollywood tarts, while they ruin one of the greatest horror genre villains.

What is it with the constant co-opting of classic symbols of evil, sin, and perversion, like vampires, and the attempt to turn them into modern day sex symbols? I just don't get it. What's next; lovable misunderstood Nazis, humanitarian zombies, or even worse, domesticated werewolves?

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