Sunday, January 31, 2010

Loving husband beats wife!

This Google news image of a Reuters headline is courtesy of Instapundit. It highlights the inherent bias of journalists, especially when covering politics. People aren't stupid, but reporters seem to be. As long as coverage is conducted like this, the integrity of journalism will be under fire. Could a headline be more contradictory?

The exemplified bias has contributed to the segmentation of the media/news industry and eroded the profits of old media outlets, and allowed entities like Fox News to not only be economically viable, but to thrive. From a consumer perspective, the creation of choices is good and healthy. The werewolf's only complaint is that the legacy media still pretends that its rank and file are not biased, yet the headlines and tone of the above article prove the exact opposite. Will they ever learn?

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  1. The media sucks. Let's take away their free speech! Oh wait, that rule only applied to the ACLU and Sierra Club and organizations that don't purport to be politically neutral.