Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy sartorial analysis from the Financial Times.

Once upon a time, the werewolf considered himself somewhat savvy when it came to the realm of traditional men's style. He hopes that exile hasn't dulled his sartorial sensibilities. However, this article (registration may be required) from the Financial Times, by Vanessa Friedman, shows that Ms. Friedman possesses an embarrassing ignorance of American style trends in politics over the past decade. She's vapidly attributes the blue-tie craze to Obama, when in fact blue-ties were the hallmark cravat of the Bush administration. It was under President Bush that "blue became the new red" in terms of displaying power ties. The media extensively covered Bush, as the outgoing blue-tie president, here and here. In fact, one fashion photographer thought that Obama replicated Bush's style so much, that he put together a quiz. Take it. (The werewolf bets you fail). This isn't even a partisan jab. The werewolf loved Tony Blair's style, and finds Gordon Brown drabness just cause for blinding himself.

Neither Bush nor Obama are particularly stunning with regards to their suit selections. Bush seemed to wear slightly fuller suits, whereas, Obama's seems to have slightly trimmer cuts to fit his more slender frame. However, as President's of the United States, both seem to appropriately error on the side of understatement in their professional presentation.

The werewolf thinks the banking CEO's, (also featured in the article) knowing that they are in deep poop, deliberately picked the most boring ties and dullest suits they could find in order to minimize any point of contention during their senate hearings. Recall that the auto CEO's were roundly criticized for flying to DC in their corporate jets to beg for their bailout money. Bankers have a reputation as flashy dressers, so raiding the nearest Jos A. Bank's was both a prudent and logical PR move on their end. Well executed, gentlemen. The werewolf will now wonder where the hell you are spending the trillions of dollars in bonuses and bailouts you have received, because you're both dressed like an impoverished sales associate at the Men's Warehouse.

The media seems to love to find reasons to fellate President Obama. They usually miss the mark by a wide margin, but missing it by this far, well, that is just embarrassing.

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