Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The SCOTT heard around the world!

The werewolf's tail is wagging with uncontrolled joy and he can barely keep his paws still. To think that one year ago today, President Obama was being inaugurated on the empty wave of "hope and change" and now the bluest of the blue states has elected a semi-conservative Republican to fill the sloppy Kennedy's seat is truly a historic moment. Incredible. *Guido Fist Pump!*

While this is an important and historic victory, with profound ramifications, it is by no means license for the GOP or the various voices of rational thought to get complacent or ahead of themselves. There is still much to do before November. Watching the fallout and how the dust settles over the next few days ought to be interesting. Also, the werewolf wonders if the profound shock waves of this election may save the Democrats from their own suicidal approach to politics as the gravitational pull anchors them back to reality. He hopes not.

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