Monday, January 11, 2010

Goal! Fox Scores America's Hockey Mom!

Sarah Palin has signed a lucrative contract to be a Fox News contributor. Smart move for both Palin and Fox News. Regardless of your politics, it's hard to refute Sarah Palin's rock star image with huge swaths of the population and is an excellent move to increase Fox News's already astounding dominance in the cable news field.

The werewolf is agnostic on Palin. There are elements to her narrative he enjoys and respects, believes her to be a gifted politician, and he thinks she was subjected to a disgusting double standard during the campaign. However, she clearly wasn't ready for prime time, lacks focus and discipline, and he is unsure of how her frontier populism will play in the long-term. He thinks this a brilliant move on her part, it integrates her into the mainstream, pulls her out of the Alaska orbit, and gives her a chance to refine and hone herself as her future sorts itself out. He doesn't think she'll be the nominee in 2012(hopes not, too), but will play the role of kingmaker for the GOP. Well done, Sarah.

As for Fox News, this is a huge victory for them. Having an audience larger than all other cable news networks combined is an impressive feat. Given that news is a business, it amazes the werewolf that so many outlets leave so much of the market- revenue pie - untouched. Fox can enjoy the lion's share of market and profits, while the rest of the media midgets squabble over shrinking portions and crumbs. Well done.


  1. I'm gonna disagree on this, and not just because I find Sarah Palin disagreeable (though no more so than her left-wing detractors). I'm not sure she has the insight or empathy to be a real news anchor (like Brit Hume or Shepard Smith), or the wide-ranging strong political opinions to be a Bill O'Reilly. So I predict this will be good for neither party, though I'm far from certain.

  2. It has worked well for Mike Huckabee. Plus, given that her raw political talent desperately needs some time to be refined and sharpened, hopefully providing situational analysis and being in a national televised hotseat will do that. (It may not, and that will speak volumes) Although she is far from my ideal candidate, seeing her succeed in this role would drive the lefties in the media nuts, and that unto itself is worthy.