Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why is it only the Anglo-sphere rocks? Muse: Starlight (live)

Here is a great live recording of very innovative rock song from Muse, a British band that has proven to be a reliable staple on the modern rock scene. If the werewolf were to ever direct a science fiction film, this song would be either in the opening or closing credits.

Has anyone noticed that all awesome rock bands are from the Anglo-sphere? Seriously. The werewolf caveated one decent French rock band in this post, but need he remind the world that the French have a troubled history with rock 'n' roll as exemplified here.

The werewolf only ranks as an amateur audiophile and rock 'n' roll aficionado. For the life of him, when he thinks of world class rock acts, the USA, the UK, and Australia jump to mind, while Ireland and Canada get token, but established, representation. Have the Latins done themselves in with Norteno, salsa, and mariachi, while the continental Europeans are acid addled fashion victims hooked on horrid techno? How about the Japanese? Their whole economy rests on stealing western ideas and technologies and improving them. How did they miss the rock boat? It's a random rant, but the werewolf really can't think of any legendary non-Anglo-realm rock bands that are worth their salt beyond a few one-hit wonders. Has he missed something?

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