Monday, February 1, 2010

Hawaii deep sixes same-sex civil union bill. Where's the outrage?

Hawaii, one of the bluest of the blue states, and birthplace of our current president, recently refused to vote on a measure that would legalize same-sex civil unions. This successfully aborted the bill. A major problem looms, there are no Mormons in sight for liberal lynch mobs to string up or blame. In fact, Hawaii is virtually a one-party state with Democrats outnumbering Republicans by 45-6 in the state house and 23-2 in the state senate. Given the national liberal outrage over Prop 8 in California and the rejection of marriage equality in Maine, the werewolf finds their collective silence over this development in Hawaii deafening. It looks like marriage equality is nothing more than a vehicle for the liberal elites to shamelessly lambaste faith-driven voters or culturally rural folks. When a progressive island fortress loaded with Kahunas, native peoples, and pot-smoking hippie surfers reject marriage equality there is no outrage. Something is truly amiss.

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  1. Interesting. Wonder how many Jap, Phillipino and Chinese Hawaiians influence the electorate--groups not well known for their gay pride but who own much of Hawaii.