Friday, February 26, 2010

Funny Friday: As Good as it Gets - You're a wonderful man!!

The werewolf remains convinced that all "real men" have a little Melvin Udall within them. Udall speaks truths that we all think.

The werewolf imagines that taking his inner monologue public, a la Udall, would be an incredibly liberating experience. However, given the oppressive political correctness and tyrannical sensitivity that govern elements of modern society, expressing true honesty openly would come at an extreme social cost. Something, even a lone wolf, like the werewolf, with his blackened heart, isn't ready to fully absorb onto his balance sheet.

That being said, this role may well reflect the pinnacle of Jack Nicholson's storied acting career. Here is to living vicariously through Melvin Udall. Enjoy.

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