Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Anderson Cooper a closeted Ghostbusters freak?

Anderson Cooper, the effete CNN anchor and dapper Vanderbilt heir, who the werewolf has very little utility for, is the subject of an amusing and bizarre Associated Press story. It looks like Mr. Cooper is closeted about more than just his companionship preferences.

Picturing some hoity -toity over-priced Manhattan interior design maven, who probably pimps garish motifs, dropping down a hole in the floor is reason enough for a laugh. Reading about said designer suing the person who she planned to over-change for ugly design advice in a building that is known to have holes in the floor is John Edwardesque and doubly amusing. Then realizing that people in Manhattan actually replicate lifestyle decisions from one of your favorite childhood movies, is humor that can't be scripted.

For those readers who aren't familiar with the 1980's comedy classic Ghostbusters (shame on you), a key element of the film is four eccentric ghost busting scientists purchasing an old Tribeca firehouse and living and working out of it.

Anderson, it's a cool residence theoretically, just in a Ghostbusters beat-you-to-it kind of way.

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