Friday, February 26, 2010

A View from Paris.

The campaign office the werewolf is currently ensconced in is located on the historic square in downtown Paris. It occupies a giant vacant converted store front, complete with huge glass windows and doors that provide an expansive view of the charming town square. This week has reawakened the werewolf's inner-appreciation for people watching.

A new breed of east Texan was spotted this afternoon. The werewolf was quietly working on some media items when the rumble of large chili red Ford pickup truck caused him to look up from his computer screen. The passenger door opened and out popped a three foot tall black-Hispanic midget complete with a multi-colored serape and a mini-mullet. Talk about sensory overload. The werewolf regrets not having a picture to share with you all, but the trifecta of midget, mullet, and serape was enough to satiate the werewolf's need for a therapeutic afternoon laugh. God bless thumbalina and the value she briefly added to the werewolf's day.

That ladies and gentlemen was the snapshot of the week. Here's to living large in east Texas.

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