Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dubble Bubble.

We are constantly evolving. In one of exiles unique twists, the werewolf finds himself in Paris, TX working on a hyper-competitive GOP state representative primary. It is a week until the primary, so there is an abundance of energy and things to get done to energize voters. This election will be decided by razor thin margins. Plus, this is the werewolf's first formal foray into the fascinating dynamics that govern Republican primaries is rural Texas. It's been an experience and then some. 

Rural east Texas has been a wonderful change in pace and scenery that has been bountiful for the werewolf's beaten down mental health. Plus, Paris has a disarming charm. However, the candidate he is working on behalf of and the campaign manager are true sons of Texas and habitual dippers. The werewolf tends to chew on pens when moving at fast working pace, but that is habit he has tried to kick, so he has evolved into chewing gum. There is a giant punch bowel loaded with complementary dubble bubble gum pieces in the middle of our office. You all know double bubble right? The famous small, pink, half-thumb sized uber-sugary chewing gum that losses its flavor in about 15 seconds and rots your teeth. Good stuff. However, the werewolf has taken to chewing about 30 pieces a day. Seriously. He loves the sugary flavor rush and having something to occupy his jaw muscles. Some dentist will profit handsomely down the road.

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