Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Dubai Spy Caper: Part II

According to this article printed in the Times of London, it is beginning to look like Mossad really screwed the pooch in Dubai last January. Here is a telling excerpt:

"Mossad is now deeply embarrassed. Its use of the identities of British, French, German and Irish nationals as cover for agents to carry out the hit has angered western governments. In the ensuing diplomatic fall-out, sources close to Mossad said yesterday that it had suspended similar operations in the Middle East, mainly because of fear that heightened security would put its agents at greater risk. Dagan’s job is also on the line." 

Maybe the werewolf's contrarian and skeptical streak got the better of him earlier. It's too soon to tell. Israel is certainly a loser throughout all of this, given the strained public perceptions and frayed diplomatic relations. No good deed goes unpunished.  

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