Saturday, February 13, 2010

The werewolf sees The Wolfman

Like any good misanthrope, the werewolf enjoys a decent horror flick. While most of his fellow males had surrendered their masculinity and submitted to the irrational desire of their significant others to watch a exercise in vapidity like Valentine's Day, the werewolf was front and center at The Wolfman. Exile helps him keep his priorities aligned.

The Wolfman is an very mediocre exercise in cinema. It has enjoyable moments, is a tad atmospheric at times, and portrays a graphically disturbing metamorphosis to complement a healthy body count.  However, the tension in the plot is forced, the love story hollow and needless, and Anthony Hopkins just seemed bored with his role.

Hopkins, a legendary and versatile actor, captivated audiences with his rendition of super-psychiatrist turned fiendish cannibal, Hannibal Lector, and has played the Victorian era master of the occult and vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing like it was his second skin. He was either under-utilized by the director or is getting to the point where acting gigs are just a paycheck and vehicle to pass the time. It wasn't a heinous performance per say, just far below the expectations that one usually harbors from an actor of Hopkins caliber. 

Additionally, the werewolf struggles with Benicio del Toro (Benny the Tuna). He just isn't that likable for some reason. It's as if he blends Latin greasiness with an empty identity,  that makes wanting to like or appreciate him an activity for manyana maƱana.

However, some credit ought  to be slung on Hugo Weaving, who plays the tenacious Scotland Yard inspector trying to solve the case. Weaving, made famous by his roles as Elrond in The Lord of the Rings and Agent Smith in The Matrix, brings a focus and determination that is lacking elsewhere in the movie. Still Weaving isn't anywhere enough to elevate The Wolfman beyond mediocre and best rented and watched over some pizza and beer. The ending was left open for a sequel. Odds are, if ever conceived, it is direct to DVD.

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