Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DARK OF THE SUN(1967) Original Theatrical Trailer

Wow. This movie looks incredible. The werewolf read and enjoyed the Wilbur Smith novel of the same name several years ago and wonders to what obscure vault this film has been banished and why.

He is aware that two other Wilbur Smith novels Shout at the Devil and Gold had been ttranslated into obscure films, featuring Roger Moore and Lee Marvin. However, this film has somehow slipped through the cracks of recognition and acknowledgment. It is definitely on must-watch list, even if he has to scrabble to find a VHS version and watch it in some halfway house.

The werewolf finds few tales are as compelling and fascinating as those of mercenaries in post-colonial Africa, imagined or real. Ever since he was a whelp, such tales have played to both his darkest and most passionate musings and aspirations of himself and on humanity. It's been a consistent interest that never chills or gets too hot in intensity. The werewolf has always been captivated by the storied endeavors of Mike Hoare and Bob Denard. Simon Mann, or what's left of him, is someone he would like to have drink with some day.


  1. Wonga Coup? Bob Denard? Mike Hoare? Simon Mann? Congo? Kolwezi? Rhodesia? South Africa? South West Africa? Mau Mau? We definitely share similar interests where Africa is concerned. In fact I have in front of me as I write this a few hundred books on African military history, including not a few items related to African mercenary conflicts.

  2. Indeed we do, good sir. It's refreshing to find a kindrid spirit. I was deeply inspired by Robert Ruark's Something of Value as a little boy. Never been the same since. I have been an amateur, if not eclectic in scope and focus, Africanist since my early teen years. The specter of Africa passively lingers over me in a subtle, yet persistent fashion.

  3. Same here. For me it was watching news footage of the Rhodesian bush war in the late 1970s, where my uncle was 'involved,' and then reading up on tales of African adventurers, Buchan, Elspeth Huxley, Haggard, von Lettow-Vorbeck, Douglas Porch, Jock of the Bushveld, Kenya and Happy Valley, etc. The 'Out of Africa' film in 1985 stoked my interest and it has not died out since then.

    Of course my travels to the actual region have helped!!

    I am published in this area, writing about amongst other subjects the ops of Portuguese special forces ('flechas') in Mocambique and Angola.

    I met Ian Smith (and have some autographed books from him), who regularly used to visit family relatives in San Diego.

    Have you seen the film 'Africa Addio'? Recommended. The uncensorced version of course.

    Lots to be said about this topic, I don't even know where to begin... :)