Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guilty Pleasure: Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

Do you have a song you absolutely adore for no good reason? I do.

Wang Chung is a very decent (the best of era defining mediocrity that is) 80s new wave act. They have a few recognizable notches on their belt and they managed to land the score to William Friedkin's superb crime saga, To Live and Die in LA. They are one those forgettable one-hit-wonder bands, that have that one song the werewolf loves unconditionally. However, he would refuse to see Wang Chung live (hopefully they've long since retired) on account of the fact that their intrinsic mediocrity may ruin his cherished, if not inexplicable love affair with "Dance Hall Days." He likes the relationship just the way it is.

"Dance Hall Days" makes the werewolf bounce. It's his happy song. The ultimate guilty pleasure pick-me-up. Not unlike real key lime pie. If he is out, prowling about, and has been properly lubricated with alcohol, this song has been known to prompt him to grab a female in close proximity and start dancing like shameless goof. Or to just start bopping like the jackass he is known to be at times. He always liked the horn section and sax portions of this song. Like crushing on the nerdy chick, it's the favorite song he'll never list because it is so out there compared to his other preferences. Here's to savoring those inexplicable guilty pleasures that add-value for no apparent reason.

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