Thursday, March 25, 2010

Perdicaris alive or Raisuli dead! - The Wind And The Lion (Original Trailer)

As he cryptically suggested a few weeks ago via this post, The Wind and The Lion is perhaps the finest film the werewolf has ever seen that captures the essence of American exceptionalism and entrance onto the global stage as a power player. The werewolf never truly understood why John Milius’s 1975 adventure classic never made it big as the iconic American classic. let's not fool ourselves, it is without question the epitome of cinematic awesomeness. If the werewolf were a history teacher (something that may not be to far off in this economy), this film would be required viewing for his poor students.

The film is an adventure classic of the highest order. Take 2 parts Barbary pirates, 2 parts innocent American ex-pats, 1 part U.S. Marines, a dash of scheming and ruthless European imperialists, a twist of decadent Muslim sheiks, a whole lot of exotic Moroccan landscapes, and throw in 2 parts of  Teddy Roosevelt in the raw for good measure, shake it up and serve on a screen. On those merits alone, it rates highly. Now imagine Sean Connery, Candance Bergen (in her pre-Murphy Brown prime), Brian Keith as Teddy Roosevelt, and the man with the greatest voice ever, John Huston, as Secretary of State John Hay. Like a classic cocktail mixed to perefection, you will not be disapointed by the cinematic brilliance that ensues.

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