Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Cars Live: Bye, Bye Love

The Cars are one of those iconic 80s bands that don't get the credit they fully deserve. The werewolf remembers being a little boy and thoroughly enjoying "Moving in Stereo" and "Best Friend's Girl" on the radio. This live version of "Bye, Bye Love" showcases the innovation inherent in their music. Plus, what's not to love about the collection of rockin' mullets?

This song also makes the werewolf wonder something about the fairer sex. Why are certain women like bad luck pennies? They keep turning up when you need them least.


  1. I remember Heartbeat City being very popular back in 1984. Everyone thought Magic was the coolest video out the time, primitive as it may be by today's standards.

  2. Magic was great song to boot. I remember You Might Think I'm Crazy being an funky and fun video. The Cars really have deep play lists of good stuff.