Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nostalgia: Weezer - Buddy Holly

The werewolf was a mere pup, just beginning to navigate the perilous straits of the 7th grade, when this song was released in the fall of 1994. Although nearly two decades behind him -- with many ragged miles acrued since then -- this song takes him back to the long lost enthusiasm and awkward innocence of junior high. While he is glad those days are long gone, he appreciates what happy and carefree times those were.

Usually the werewolf prefers to share live versions of songs instead of studio recordings or music videos (Assuming a decent live version is available). Live versions allow one to judge a band's talent by how they survive contact with the enemy (the real world) in the absence of the near-perfect and sheltered haven the studio provides. There is no hating the studio recordings as they represent that vast bulk of the music he owns and listens to regularly. However, experiencing a band's ability to jam live is not unlike seeing your romantic liaison in the nude for the first time. You can't fully appreciate the full scope of what you've signed up for until that bridge has been crossed. The werewolf thoroughly enjoys Weezer's studio products, yet, he found them terribly disappointing as a live performance band. Regardless, "Buddy Holly" remains a perenial favorite from the werewolf's youth.

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