Sunday, April 11, 2010

Original vs. Cover: Save it for Later. The English Beat - Harvey Danger - Pete Townshend

It is a such a beautiful Sunday afternoon here in DC, and the werewolf's acute and chronic self-diagnosed ADD has kicked it. Yet again, he finds himself surfing the endless nothingness that is Youtube for inspiration and meaningless edification.

Being the obscure music junkie that he is, he has often enjoyed comparing and contrasting originals versus covers of some of his favorite songs.  

The English Beat's retro-classic "Save for it Later" is truly an iconic song of the early 80s, at least in the werewolf's skewed opinion. A new video embedding feature has allowed the werewolf to post multiple videos in a single post competently.

Although a purist in most cases, with a built-in bias towards the original, there are a few exceptions where the werewolf can find more or equal virtue in the cover/tribute/re-imaged version of a song. Although in this instance, he still prefers the original version by The English Beat. It should be noted that Harvey Danger  and Pete Townshend put forth worthy and credible covers that both merit a paw pump. The werewolf would love to hear your thoughts.

Here's the original music video from The English Beat. It's a fun video to boot.

Here's the Harvey Danger cover set to scenes from 200 Cigarettes were it was first featured. Fun, solid, yet a tad sophomoric.

Here's the legendary Pete Townshend chiming in with his tribute. It's awesome, especially in the context of a rock titan like Townshend, offering a take on song that is younger than he he is by a few decades, and is also relatively obscure compared to the fame and fortune his career generated.


  1. Have to say that the cheeseball Harvey Danger cover was my favorite. The Pete Townshend cover didn't do much for me.

  2. I hate to say I thought the Pete Townsend version here would be the heart breaking White City version. This is not his best. In fact day to the night of his slow version. I defy you not to see the slow Townsend version as the crushing winner of all time.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Kelly. I just listening to it, and it certainly tops the version I posted. I need to digest it before giving it a full ranking. Much better pacing and I love how it comes on strong toward to the end.