Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Those damn taxes

The werewolf just filed his 2009 Tax return electronically. Here's a paw-pump for the idiot proof easiness of TurboTax on-line. Here's to lifting his leg and voiding his bladder all over the byzantine and regressive U.S. Tax code. What a brutal and skewed monstrosity. We deserve better, but tragically we'll never get anything commonsensical or equitable from the government when it comes to the income tax code. In fact, the werewolf suspects that this country will have to lube-up and grab it's ankles if an VAT is as real as some suggest.

I am sure you all are going through the some bullshit tax preparation. Good luck and godspeed.  Few things are as soothing as a cold beer or  glass of wine on the flip-side.

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