Saturday, December 26, 2009


AC/DC, one of the greatest head-banging performance bands of all time, may have to cancel a sold-out concert to protect some birds. Ridiculous. One would think that a bird species that has survived a raft of natural predators, the trials and tribulations of the evolutionary process, and makes Australia's second largest city, Melbourne, home, could handle two hours of some serious rock n' roll. Since when did that cause harm?

What's really amusing is that according to the referenced article, uber-stiff bird-maven, "Hans Uhl of BirdLife said birds nesting in the area at the time would be threatened by anthems such as Highway To Hell and You Shook Me All Night Long." Hans is do detached from humanity that he claims to know which specific songs would be most harmful to his avian friends. He is a charter member of the "no fun crowd." The aptly named "no-fun crowd" (a name developed by my best friend's father to describe modern day teetotalers and anti-tobacco Nazis during a conversation years ago) includes those who are incapable of having fun themselves, so they develop ridiculous metrics to reduce the fun of others. What about "Shoot to Thrill, "Rock n' Roll Train," "Money Talks," Hans? Perhaps the birds will enjoy those hits? Can we compromise and modify the set-list? Take note Hans, the birds can fly away for the duration of the show if it truly bothers them. Anyhow, I am due back on planet earth. Rock on AC/DC!

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