Friday, December 25, 2009

Teeing Off.


A Werewolf in Exile is a platform for me to hone my writing and analytical skills. It is also intended as a structured forum to collate the bizarre smorgasbord of concepts, ideas, details, hobbies, and things that keep my juices flowing on a daily basis. Lord only knows, I have collected an odd assortment of the aforementioned and am in dire need of sorting through them all.

I've long toyed with the concept of starting a blog. Although the notion ceased to be hip or edgy many moons ago in this twitter savvy age, here is to riding yesterday's waves. Thank you for making the pit stop.

Comment Moderation: This blog will be a forum where the near absolute right of free speech will be honored and respected. I welcome virtually all comments under almost all circumstances.  I will make little or no attempt to moderate  the comments regardless of content with a few exceptions. I am naturally not a censor, and frankly do not trust myself being one. However, I reserve the right delete comments that are highly obscene and have absolutely no merit (such as gratuitous expletive laced ad hominem attacks) and  comments that reveal unwarranted personal information about me or other people who prefer to be anonymous. As a libertarian-conservative contrarian, I prefer edgy civility, but will tolerate just about anything but the aforementioned two examples. However, please note that comments made by posters in no way reflect the views of this blogger.

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