Tuesday, December 29, 2009

They just can't quit.

This is disturbing. Islamo-fascist jihadists are like child molesters, the trait is embedded in their DNA. Recidivism is high amongst these specimens of human scum. I don't think that notion is appreciated by enough people. The fact that we had two of these jerk-offs in custody and released them does not bode well for anyone.

The perverse obsession with closing Guantanamo has always left me a tad flummoxed. Given the tropical locale, modern amenities, new buildings, regular halal meals, scheduled prayer time, excellent health care, and relative peace, I always thought Guantanamo beat the hell out of a cold cave in the Afghan mountains or sanctuary in the sewers of Fallujah. Sure you had to deal with some tough questions on occasion and run the risk of getting yelled at, but it sure sounds like a better arrangement for us, given it takes known terrorists off the street. Maybe we should move them to an new international prison in the Antarctica to keep them away from civilization. It would be more fitting on some levels.

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