Thursday, December 31, 2009

Has it been 10 years since the Millennium? Y2K, where are you?

The werewolf knows he probably deserves to be hate-crimed for posting such a cliched Robbie Williams video that most of the world would like to forget. (At least it features Bond's Austin Martin DB5 from Goldfinger) But Prince's "1999" video is nowhere to be found on youtube. Sloppy seconds, kids.

Anyhow, the werewolf has long been imbued with a profoundly misanthropic streak, and it manifested back during the amusingly dark days of the Y2K drama. Being home in Los Angeles from boarding school, and having a few openings in my social calendar, I recall deliberately detouring past LAX on my way how from a dinner in Santa Monica with the hopes of catching some airport mayhem. Despite all of the hype and hoopla, nothing eventful occurred to the delight of many, but to the mild disappointment of the werewolf. Gone are the days.

Still, it's been one helluva a decade for the werewolf, filled with many thrills, loves, travels, schools, jobs, friends, and memories. Although he is ending the first decade of this century in exile, he appreciates the fact that the bar has been set low for future decades. Here's to making lemons into limoncello. Happy 2010.

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