Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The no-fun crowd strikes again!

Yale Wimps Out

The werewolf knew he wasn't smart enough to get accepted to Yale(He didn't bother to apply). With one exception from his boarding school class(his roommate), he thought most of the people he knew who went to Yale were massive defects. No news there. Plus, not that he really cares, but Yale is doing no favor for itself or its image with vapid and hollow moves like this. Regardless of the source, the werewolf is always a fan of a classic and legendary sports rivalry. Although not a stakeholder in either side, he appreciates the story, nature, and deep roots of the historic Harvard-Yale football rivalry. The application of the term "sissy" can be traced to the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald, and the rivalry itself is distinctly American. Our society is training its youth to look for anything that could make them a victim of something, destroying their perspective on linguistic freedom of expression, and eroding their will to enjoy an honest sports rivalry that has its roots deeply seeded. The poisoning of the mind always starts off small, like this, but can eventually start impacting society writ large if it isn't properly checked. How weak have we become? The no-fun crowd really needs to get over themselves.


  1. Yale wimped out way worse -- or the Yale University Press did, at any rate -- when it didn't run the Danish cartoons in "Cartoons that Shook the World." That has to be some sort of low point.

  2. Well put. The two items in tandem say all that needs to be said. That state of higher education is dismal.