Monday, July 19, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos, Alejandro!

The werewolf's oldest friend and companero through this struggle called life, the infamous Legal Beagle, turns 29 today. Feliz Cumpleanos, senor!  The werewolf can trace the roots of this long-lived friendship back to the Reagan administration where the werewolf would bully the poor little Legal Beagle around the pre-school yard. (There is actually a tit-for-tat game theory story embedded in there for your econ geeks) Despite the suspect roots, it has grown into a storied friendship indeed. Nearly three-decades later there is too much crap to unload in a humble blog post, however, it should be the noted that the werewolf is grateful for the years of friendship and wishes the Legal Beagle a splendid 29th birthday and hopes that you spend your last year of relative youth with some reckless abandon and carefree shenanigans. *Clink*

The whole freaking-out because the dreaded age of 30 is looming like a sinister and rusted guillotine blade suspended by a threadbare and well-worn strand of hemp will be saved for another post.

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