Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Giving it the old college try: Kaus's concession statement

Rouge Democrat and political gadfly, Mickey Kaus, didn't win yesterday's primary challenge against one of the most heinous legislators of our time, Barbara Boxer. However, he did clock in about 100,000 votes and gave a hell of a concession statement. Not bad for an honest blogger who ran on only $40K. Here is a high-light from his statement.

"I'm a blogger. I spent about $40,000. I had one part-time aide, a recent college grad who was prepping for his LSATs. We had no headquarters, no pollsters, no highly paid strategists and consultants. We had a couple of laptops and an old Volvo. And we still ripped off more than 100,000 votes from a three term incumbent because there is  a large group of voters who are dissatisfied with the prevailing dogma of the Democratic party.

I entered the race because I wanted to start up an argument among Democrats about the party's direction--about the need to say "no" to the unions and to insist on securing the border before we even talk about amnesty."

Although the werewolf was a Tom Campbell fan, he will always have a soft-spot for any honest, anti-establishment types that try and rock the vote.

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