Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mugabe's Ark.

In one of last week's stranger unnoticed stories, Zimbabwe is donating some exotic wildlife to North Korea. WTF, right? It's like sending your kids over to the local pedophile's house for a sleepover. Nothing good will come of it. It is almost kafkaesque in absurdity when one stops to consider it. What the hell does a autarkic communist relic need with some prize African game? It's always amusing to observe the bizarre shenanigans of the worlds petty dictators, but even this action defies logic.

Zimbabwe is the textbook basket-case. It desperately needs legit business partners and capital just to make it to next month. North Korea is the retarded belligerent state, that is actually irrational, destabilizing, and dangerous. Do they even know what an elephant or giraffe is in North Korea? How do these two actors benefit each other? It is no secret that Mugabe has used the North Koreans to train his infamous Fifth Brigade "death squads," which butchered the Matabele in the mid-1980s. However, trading exotic game for war crimes seems like an odd currency to balance the books with.

Assuming the animals survive the passage from Zimbabwe to North Korea, which is dubious on some levels, what next? North Korea is on the brink of famine, has no expertise in any kind of African animal care or husbandry, and, as mentioned above, is a regime that prides itself on being archaic, isolationist, out-of-touch, and strange. Let us not forget that Kim Jong Il, the leader of the North Korean Regime, has scored a 15 while playing 18 holes of golf and written several operas in his spare time. How long do these critters have?

Other than the profound weirdness, I  am not sure what the reaction should be, if any. Although, I am surprised that the animal rights wackos aren't shitting bricks and throwing an international hissy fit.

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  1. What is most maddening is the fact the international community (US/NATO/EU) refuse to remove the Mugabe regime, while it has no problem engaging Arabs, Serbs, Afghans, North Koreans, and Pakistanis. Mugabe's black African ethnicity, I suspect, protects him. Imagine the global outcry (not to mention the domestic black rage) at the spectacle of innocent black Africans being bombed! Removing Mugabe would be an implicit admission that black rule was wrong to begin with, and that Ian Smith and the Rhodesians were right all along. In the meanwhile, innocent Rhodesians continue to suffer.