Thursday, May 27, 2010

Country Club Blues

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story on the push by generation X and younger aspiring social elites to increase the permissibility and acceptance of denim in the halls of various country clubs. The article speaks to how touchy younger generations are with one marketing consultant claiming that the tradition bound rules that govern many county clubs "is tantamount to "a sign out front saying, 'I hate you' " to them. Have we become so vain, soft, and weak that rules to prohibit denim are a new form of hate? Get the fuck out of here.

The real irony is noted towards the end of the article that while these "young turks" are agitating for a change in the club house, they still firmly believe that the courses should maintain a prohibition on denim lest they become "too muni." (In reference to public and municipal golf courses.) In essence, they want to degrade the traditions in the club house for convenience, yet maintain the same rules the find so disturbing on the actual course. For you Caddyshack fans out there, it is the worst hybrid of Judge Smails and Al Czervik.

As the article notes, if they are interested in their long-term survival, private country clubs should express an adaptability with their rules and try and foster a long term strategy that attracts and grows members that reflect the values and traditions they wish to project. However, they should screen-out members who seems to have under appreciation for tradition and wish to erode the ethos of the club.

Personally, I have no problem with dress codes and think they are refreshing. Especially given how pathetically most people present themselves in public in this modern. I also think a little discipline foisted upon people who voluntarily make an association shows a sign a commitment to an organization. With the exception of family, virtually all associations are voluntary in this day and age. If not wearing denim is too burdensome for some folks, then perhaps they should frequent the municipal golf courses they hold such contempt for.

This just smacks of an aggressive short sighted hypocrisy, laziness, and self-centeredness that speaks very poorly to values of my generation, and those immediately preceding. The future is grim.

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  1. This is why democracy is wrong, and why all polities based on democratic 'ideals' fail.